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What is Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the term used by GHS for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). In short, SDS is the same as MSDS. SDS provides an important source of information for other target audiences in the GHS. SDS should be produced for all substances and mixtures which meet the criteria for physical, health or environmental hazards under GHS, by manufacturer, importer, supplier and distributor to their downstream user.

Our services in Malaysia and more countries for SDS include:

  • SDS Authoring – Author or create your safety data sheets, our experts will ensure the SDS is compliant with all local, national and global standards and regulations. The SDS is created and reviewed by trained, experienced experts. Your documents are completed quickly, goes through a stringent review process to ensure compliance.
  • SDS reformatting – In almost all cases it is recommended to have separate documents for separate countries. A document compliant in one country does not necessarily mean it will be compliant in another. For example, an SDS compliant in the U.S. cannot be used in Malaysia as each has adopted region specific regulations. Therefore, our experts will review and fine tune your existing SDS to adopt and compliance with the destination country.
  • SDS updating – SDS will require updating or editing when changes in product composition/ formulation, company specific information, or as new regulations are released. It is advisable to update your SDS once every 5 years. Our experts will perform a critical review of your existing SDSs to ensure compliance with local, national and global requirements.
  • SDS Translation – Usually, an SDS needs to be prepared in the official language of the country. After authoring or reformatting SDS, we can translate the SDS to the official language of the destination country. For instance, in almost all cases, our clients received SDS from United States in English and Malaysia SDS need to be prepared in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Most of our clients request a direct SDS translation from English to Bahasa Malaysia. It is not advisable to do direct translation of SDS from one language to another, as it is not cost effective and often leads to documents that are non-compliant. Rather than performing a direct SDS translation, our experts can take your company’s existing MSDS/ your supplier SDS and author a new set of documents that are compliant in regulation and in the required languages. By doing this your company will receive documents with the most recent SDS regulations and up-to-date chemical data, all at a more economical cost.

We are expertise in authoring SDS for countries below:

Flag of the countries Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China. United States, England, New Zealand and Australia

We are constantly expanding and frequently adding new countries to our portfolio.

For inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the term used by GHS for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). We offer SDS Authoring, SDS reformatting, SDS updating and SDS Translation